New EP 'Saying It Twice Makes It Real' released on vinyl & digitally October 26th

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The Danish band Felines from Copenhagen are ready to release their first EP under the auspices of Crunchy Frog. Saying It Twice Makes It Real is a multi-faceted piece, not afraid of playing and experimenting with different styles, sounds and song structures.


At one moment, the music unfolds as a melancholic dream pop-ballad, next as a minimalistic chaos-mix of sounds. At the same time, all the songs are soaked in their no-nonsense and unaffected lo-fi aesthetics. It is uncontrollable and controlled. A chilly kiss and a warm shoulder.

Felines do not fit into a specific genre box but are strongly inspired by the “no wave” scene that flourished in New York in the late 1970’s. Here, elements of funk, jazz, punk rock and various avant-garde musical expressions were mixed together and pushed forward by repetitive rhythms, focusing the texture of the music rather than on conventional notions of melody and harmony. When Felines performed at this year’s SPOT Festival in Denmark, the former CBGB regular and music journalist David Fricke confirmed Felines’ connection to this music scene when he smiled and said: “It’s so New York”.

Saying It Twice Makes It Real opens with the slacker track ‘Going Out’, which pulls the listener into an absent state of mind with its dusty guitar sound and lazy indifferent vocal and lyrics:


I don’t care, I don’t care/ Saying it twice makes it real.


This otherworldly mindset is put on pause for a bit with the melancholic pop-dream ’Outside’ and the dark ‘Forever Fall’. Then the tempo goes up on tracks such as ‘It’s Yours’ and ‘Too Tight’ where especially the last-mentioned song gives an appreciative nod to the post-punk pioneers from Delta 5 with its messy guitar and insisting and strict groove from the bass and the drums.

Felines consists of Ditte Melgaard on guitar, Mei-Long Bao on drums and Asta Louisa Bjerre on bass – all on vocals – and in the studio and live Kristian Bønløkke plays the keys. The band was established in 2010 and has earlier released two EP’s and an album, toured around Europe and contributed the score to a Saint Laurent fashion show in Paris.




Felines – saying it twice makes it real

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