Febueder (pronounced Fe-byou- der) is lead vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Kieran Godfrey and the percussionist Samuel Keysell from Ascot, England, formed in 2010.

They released in May 2017 their acclaimed From an Album EP, a rousing five track project which harnesses the ambition and creative intent typically reserved for a full length release.

It captures Febueder in their element, assured in their ability and vision, and emotionally deft in their approach.

The EP exceeds past expectations from important publications in The UK and USA and solidifies Febuede's place as one of the UKs bands to watch in


We can see their essence in their new single ’Stilts’, the duo made for this track an amazing video filmed in LA and directed by rising documentary filmmaker and photographer Jess Colquhoun, who offers a suitably cinéma-vérité accompaniment to the song.

The inspiration for Stilts stemmed instrumentally.

We visualised a person riding a motorcycle at 120mph through rough terrain; the bass and rhythm of the engine mirrored in the groove of the bass guitar.

Recently seen on these shores with appearances at The Finsbury in London and Farmfest 2017, the English duo are currently working on a follow up project.

We are glad to introduce you with Samuel Keysell and Kieran Godfrey who

explained to us their day by day with Febueder.

Bizzarre: Where are you guys right now?

Febueder: Ascot, in the kitchen. In about 15 minutes, we’ll be in the living room turned recording space, or possibly the garage.


B: What’s the most important thing in your diary this week?

F: ‘Selflessness’, a new song we've been working on for a while. We want it to take shape correctly this week.


B: Tell us about your songwriting process. What season of the year is the best time to write?

F: It used to be winter, but this year we worked through summer too. It’s tough say what season is best, though everyone’s partial to working in the winter.


B: Kieran's a multi-instrumentalist, what do you like and enjoy the most, playing, singing or writing? 

F: Writing and shaping a project.


B: You recently released your EP ‘From An Album’ that drew on various influences from classic indie to electronic. Tell us more about it.

F: The EP is as the title suggests, it was originally conceived as a full length project but eventually evolved into two EPs. The next half is set for release early next year.


B: Your video for ‘Stilts’ is very original, what gave you the idea for it?

F: Thank you to the director, Jess, it was her idea and making. Nice work Jess.


B:. If you had the chance to share stage with somebody, who would you choose?

F: Good question. Based on recent listening let’s say Beirut, Metronomy, or Pinc Louds.


B: What's next for Febueder?

F: Our new EP, out early 2018, then summer shows, and continuing work on an album (and continuing to say “it’s pronounced fe-byou-der”).

The new material continues to develop our sound and we hope long-time and newer fans enjoy it and keep supporting because there’s so much more to come.


B: Tell us your 3 favourite things In no particular order.

1. Sophie (from Kieran) / Zenibab (from Samuel)

2. Febueder


3. Suki (from Kieran) / 'Working at inhuman speed' (from Samuel)

Febueder - Stilts


'From an Album - EP'

1. Humming for You
2. Stilts
3. Morning Yawn
4. Shapeshifter
5. Hence Worth

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