Fazerdaze is the project of New Zealand producer Amelia Murray.

Fazerdaze has done so much before releasing her first album, proof that her music has already captivated the crowds.

Amelia began with a series of nocturnal recordings created in a chamber, completed and combined in 2014 on her first self-titled EP. A concise collection of dream pop intimate and beautifully performed, written, produced and performed by Amelia Murray herself.

The EP was a success, reaping the praise of criticism all over the world.

She received praise from NME, describing her music as an "elegant dream pop", she played with Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Connan Mockasin, and was invited to join the Red Bull Music Academy in Montreal in 2016.


This May she will be in The UK to perform at The Great Escape just after the release of Morningside, her very first full length album and absolute demonstration of her incredible and complex writing skills.

Taken from the name of the suburb in which Amelia Murray feels at home, Morningside wanders cautiously on the rocky terrain of seeking her place and peace along her around. The pains of adolescence are at the heart of Morningside and Murray's reflections on the exaltation and intimidation aroused by a more adult life in which love is nothing disgusting.

Morningside is out now via Groenland Records.

Fazerdaze is definitely the latest in this "family" of sincere and cultivated albums produced by resolutely independent musicians who have found a home within Groenland Records for almost twenty years.

Morningside was written, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Amelia Murray, an approach that allows this first album to truly express her place in this world.

Little Uneasy - Fazerdaze

We are pleased to introduce you with the talented Amelia Murray, we had the chance to speak with her during a fast stop In Paris and we also took

the chance to do this amazing photoshoot.

Bizzarre: What was the latest thing that impressed you the most?

Amelia Murray: Watching Paris from my taxi window on the way here, so beautiful!

B: Where do you find peace in the moments of pressure?

AM: I’m all about the rituals. Before every show I do the same 20 minute vocal

warm up and have done for the last several years. It’s as much about the

routine/ritual of it as it is about the exercise.

B: Are you a lucky person?

AM: I am when I look for it.

Fazerdaze - Lucky Girl

B: Where do you find peace in the moments of pressure?

AM: I’m all about the rituals. Before every show I do the same 20 minute vocal warm up and have done for the last several years. It’s as much about the routine/ritual of it as it is about the exercise.

B: About your amazing country New Zealand, Tell us what it gives you to

inspire you musically? and what would you like to give it back...

AM: The local music scene in Auckland is great and there are lots of cool shows on every week so that’s really inspiring. We’re really fortunate to have

funding schemes in New Zealand where musicians and artists like myself

can get financial help to go overseas and play shows which has been hugely

beneficial for my project. I’d really like to ensure I keep making the most of

the funding I’ve had so the next generation of musicians and artists from

New Zealand get the same privileges!

B: Is it hard to do the things on your own?

AM: Sometimes it is, yes, but I do really love working alone. It suits my

personality. If I ever hit a wall and get stuck or feel lonely, I have techniques

to get around it. I go for a walk or do some exercise or show my work to a

friend, or do something different like drawing.

Fazerdaze - Take it slow

B: Your life after your first album Fazerdaze EP...

AM: I finished university and floundered around trying to find my place in the world. I worked lots of random little jobs and struggled to gain any

consistency with my life.

This latest record was the only stable thing I had, so I directed my energy towards it through that time.

B: How was the experience of touring UK and your participation at the

2016 Red Bull Music Academy in Montreal...

AM: Both were very incredible and special experiences.

The UK tour really brought our band together I felt. We started playing really well and became even tighter friends. I also became a lot more confident on stage, it did good things for me as a performer, playing that many times in a row.

Red Bull Music Academy I attended alone (without my band), and it was a really important experience for my artistic growth. A lot of the time I was

there, I felt out of my depth, and that’s good. I think it’s really important and

healthy to feel that way sometimes as it means you’re growing and learning.

It was hugely inspiring being surrounded by artists from different countries

who were relentlessly dedicated to their art, it helped me take my own work

more seriously and confidently. It was nice to come home from that with this support network of artist friends from all around the world.

B: Define Fazerdaze with 3 emoticons : )

Photographer Manon Lombard


B: Your experience with French food?

AM: Haha. I actually arrived in Paris this morning really early before the shoot

and had a delicious French breakfast at my hotel. It included the freshest

croissant I’d ever tasted. I will definitely be eating more of these next time I’m

back for shows!

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