R&B duo Fake Fake share the single & video “GOODNIGHTMARE”.

With an array of inter-generational R&B, soul, funk, and electronic influences, Victoria (Canada) based artists Leith Hynds and Justin Campbell are fashioning their own genre bending niche as Fake Fake.


Following a casual collaboration in August 2018, the duo became fast friends and writing partners, with an explosive creative energy and natural chemistry between them. Their self-described 'Disposable Love' approach to songwriting has been the result, with a focus on rich gospel arrangements, funk-drenched guitars, offset percussion reminiscent of the late J. Dilla, and

a wry wit to Campbell’s contemplative lyricism. 





 "Our debut effort as R&B duo Fake Fake, “GOODNIGHTMARE” is

an ode to the friendships and romances where we deeply rely on

someone else: how that dependency is a freeing and paralyzing

place to find yourself in.

The sounds and sentiments of “GOODNIGHTMARE” are equal parts uplifting and introspective, with a push and pull that we found

ourselves reflected in.


The two of us take a clear sibling rivalry based approach to songwriting as Fake Fake - constantly challenging one another on what musical elements we feel work best - and wanted our debut release to show

that dynamic. The music and visuals for “GOODNIGHTMARE

were produced by ourselves entirely from start to finish, and we

hope others will share in that personal connection.


Being massive fans of pop music with a purpose, we admire artists that attempt to meet listeners somewhere beyond the slick production and catchy hooks alone.

GOODNIGHTMARE” is us reaching out."



Fake Fake - Goodnightmare

Fake Fake - Goddnightmare

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