Announces her self-released debut No More Running and is sharing her cosmic new video for “My Own Pace”.

Nashville-based Eve Maret, is an enigmatic composer and electronic artists, she is releasing her self-released debut No More Running (Deluxe Edition) on April 26th.

She employs a wide array of electronic media and technique that explore personal and communal healing through creative acts, and also co-founded Hyasynth House in

Nashville last May, a music collective and education center for female, trans,

minority, and non-binary artists.

Over the last year, she’s played alongside artists Guerrilla Toss and Jeff the Brotherhood while being compared to the likes of Jenny Hval and Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith


Last year, she released a limited intro run of No More Running on cassette via Nashville label Banana Tapes, and the new version of the album out in April is expanded with three brand

new tracks, alternate artwork, and new video content.


It’s a cross section of ambient electronic works and pulsating synths with her vocals punctuating certain points. With Hyasynth House, their goal has been facilitating workshops, performances, and community-wide conversations  to support and empower marginalized groups.



Eve Maret - My Own Pace

Eve Maret - No More Running


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