Shares new video "Day 1 (Silipur Leaves Home)"
from her EP 'The Acid Caves Vol 01'

London-based producer, singer & songwriter Esther Joy is sharing a new video for her recent single "Day 1 (Silipur Leaves Home)", which was directed by Wes Stephenson & features clothing from designer Chema Diaz

Esther created an alternate universe, which follows the story of a lifeblood (non-human), to go with her recent EP'The Acid Caves Vol 1'. Below is the story behind this track and the video. 

"Day 1 (Silipur Leaves Home)" explained by Esther:

Silipur is intelligent, she is quick witted and dry. A cynical soul but a desperate romantic, a believer in hope but holds none of her own.

She is lawless and wild.

Silipur is alone. She has a family and she has friends, but Silipur - is - alone. Just because you can see and understand The Chaos, doesn’t always mean you have enough. In fact, seeing it makes you need it more. Her pain is more than a human could ever feel.

Silipur slips quietly out of her pod and down to the newly opened Earth portal. Gate E. She sits, heart pounding as she wrestles with the idea of jumping. It is illegal to cross planets without permission - punishable by death as the trade could take someone else’s life. She doesn’t care.

She had never liked Humans, but longed for their planet so overwhelmed with Chaos. Beautiful Chaos. She can feel its energy - she would never hurt again.

Somewhere on earth there is a girl crying. She cannot do it anymore. Silipur jumps and so does she.

Speaking about the video, Esther said:

"This song speaks from two perspectives - Silipur and the human she is exchanging her life with. It was important to me that this video represented both of their journeys, leaving their lives behind forever and the confusion, sadness and pure rage of depression.

I really love the visual world created by Wes Stephenson as it's very elegant but also super aggressive. It is also not overly specific with location or style, an important part as it represents a journey through The Chaos System.

It should feel neither familiar or unfamiliar, somewhere kind of uncomfortable in the middle."

Esther explains the narrative she imagines for this record: 

'The Acid Caves’ is based in a universe in which all planets are connected by an energy system called ‘The Chaos’. The Chaos is the energy that sustains all planets & all life forms. It's the emotional, the spiritual & the supernatural. 

Over the last millennium, all lifebloods (non-humans) developed the ability to physically see and manipulate this energy, leading to huge advancements in better mental health and supernatural power. For humans, however, their overpowered ego and transfixion with technology significantly

stunted their natural evolution and are now the only life-form unable to

see or understand The Chaos.

Despite their ignorance, humans play a vital role in supporting the universe by pumping huge amounts of emotional energy into The Chaos system. They cannot use or manipulate this energy like other planets so they have been serving as a powerful and sustainable source for others.

This, however, is all going to change - 

Tinder, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, virtual friends, virtual

life, virtual love, virtual sex. 

Each step closer to virtual life has reduced the power of human contact

and with that, The Chaos is fading, Earth is dying and the destruction of

the universe is inevitable.

As the threat of extinction grows, all planet leaders join together and propose volunteers to join the mission. The volunteers will travel to Earth via The Chaos system in an attempt to warn humans of their destruction. The gate to Earth has never, and will never be opened again, as humans

are considered too unpredictable and dangerous. It will be a one-way journey for those who depart.

In order to travel to Earth using the Chaos System, there must be a trade with another on the opposite side. As humans are completely unaware of this, it was decided that the closest to consent a volunteer could receive would be a human suicide, as it represented a decision to leave Earth.

This story will follow Silipur, a lonely, cynical lifeblood who chooses to abandon her planet illegally for Earth. She is one of many who will try

to break through the temporary gate in hope of tasting Earth’s

purest energy.



Esther Joy - Day 1 (Silipur Leaves Home)

Esther Joy – 'The Acid Caves Vol 1 '

1. Day 1 (Silipur Leaves Home) 
2. Day 4 (Landing) 
3. Day 5 (What He Found) 

Stream here


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