Dralms just released the lush, atmospheric pop track,

"Gracious Host", ahead of the album

Dralms—the solo project of Christopher Smith—is getting ready to release a new album, Love Writes Itself. Co-produced and recorded in Vancouver with sound designer Mirko Vogel (Cut Copy), the album pushes Dralms from the electronically-textured backbone of 2015 debut Shook towards an immersive orchestral swirl of strings and woodwinds.
Gracious Host” speaks of the bond that the prospect of a severance can bring. How knowing you are going to lose someone or something only brings you closer to it.

"Love Writes Itself was written across a three-year stretch. The records earliest tracks came to be while touring europe in support of my debut album Shook, while others found their place during cabin retreats on British Columbia’s Gulf Islands.


Though keeping in line with the chilled-out vibe of the early work, Love Writes Itself pivots from the more digitalistic impressions of Shook towards a decidedly organic groove of symphony strings, woodwinds, piano, and guitar.


The album is full of lush and flowery, dialogue, but there’s an oppressive nature to many of its visuals as well. There’s a knotting together of the beautiful and brutal, the crass and the elegant.

I think these juxtapositions have special way of speaking to life, love and romance."



DRALMS - "Gracious Host"

Dralms - Gracious Host

Listen here


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