Drago Dit Dragon

Drago Dit Dragon is the solo adventure of Toronto bedroom-artist Matthew Drago.

Matthew teamed up with Charles Tilden of Delta Will for a collaboration on the track Fullhouse in 2017, which later grew into Drago Dit Dragon's 2018 release

"Pipe Dreams".

For Charles and I, the song was about connecting to that universal feeling of heartache, and being worried about hurting the ones you love, as we all go through the process of finding our true-selves. Everyone's journey is unique, but we ultimately share it with each other and look for comfort in drawing parallels with our shared experiences.

- Matthew Drago


"Full House is a story that examines societal and parental pressures, body image and eventual self love and appreciation. Two stories will be told parallel to one another, both pertaining to the same theme and overall message, yet completely different in their own way.

The first story is of a young gay man, Gabriel, raised to be christian who struggles with his faith and self identity. The second is about a young woman, Maya, who seeks comfort and emotional refuge through physical affirmation. Both stories culminate in a burst of primal, erratic motion;

a dance that is a release for the pent up frustration, confusion, and

anger that their lives have thrust upon them."

Jiah Carron, Writer/Director 


Drago Dit Dragon is currently working on a new album which will be arriving in the fall/winter

of 2019


Drago Dit Dragon - Fullhouse ft. Charles Tilden

Directed by Jiah Carron & Matthew Mosley.

"Fullhouse" is taken from the album "Pipe Dreams"

released on Knapsack Records 2018

Drago Dit Dragon - Pipe Dreams

Knapsack Records

Order here

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