Douglas Dare is a London-based singer-songwriter, originally from the coastal town of Bridport, South West England. The son of a piano teacher, Douglas began composing instrumental music from a young age but it was not until studying popular music at University in Liverpool in 2008 that he began songwriting. 

Following his acclaimed debut ‘Whelm’, London-based singer-songwriter and pianist Douglas Dare returns with his sophomore album Aforger.
In a digital age, where memories are mimicked by pixels and identity is as malleable as static, DouglasDare’s new album Aforger questions the boundaries between reality and fiction. Inspired by recent events and revelations encountered in his life these songs depict Dare at his most vulnerable, whilst simultaneously reflecting our own obsession with reality and technology back at us. 

"Doublethink," a melancholic Douglas tell us a desperate story along a beautiful mournful piano, "Greenhouse" comes with that "digital drone" touch to warm up the time to listen the first chords of the magnificent "Oh Father" one of the strongest songs of the album, not only musically but for the honesty of the lyrics, on his own words Dare explains:  "Oh Father is certainly the most personal song I've put out in to the world and the subject is a sensitive one; the lyrics are quite purposefully unambiguous and are direct" .


"New York"  is a dark but lovely song in which Douglas translate into music a heartbroken experience, a sad jazzy piano follows him in his love agony;

 "How can I ever believe After I've been deceived?
Open it all up to me, Will I ever trust another Or is this for good?".

“Binary" a futuristic atmosphere invade us, soft tones and machine drums with deep synths, to finish in a monumental way.

"Binary talks about the idea that technology is allowing us to live on after we’re gone."

And yes, there's is time and space for some trumpets, a dark horn intoning with rage " You are a stranger again"

One of the best examples of the talent and the skills for writing he has is "Venus" , simple but elegant, this balad concentrate many emotional moments and intimate feelings, making this masterpiece a symbol of the album.

"Thinking of Him" has this nostalgic "Kid A-era Radiohead" touch, many layers and hidden sounds taking you into a great sonic ambience and the hypnotic voice of Douglas just hooking you until the last second of the song.

And for the closing track, seven minutes of Douglas at his best, "Rex", as The proverb says: "after the storm comes the calm" the song is simple, piano, beats and chorus,

the best way to end the album.

Aforger  was mixed at the iconic Abbey Road Studios and produced by long-time collaborator Fabian Prynn.
Having first toured the world to support of the likes of Ólafur Arnalds, Nils Frahm and Fink, followed by European headline tours in 2014 and 2015, Douglas Dare is back with this excellent work.

Aforger  is a manifest to perceive what real life is, transparent, direct, loyal to his values and a open book to show his experiences.

Melodic, machine, human, but with feelings and in need to express himself in the most beautiful way, his music.


Aforger is out now via Erased Tapes.


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AFORGER track list:


1. Doublethink 
2. Greenhouse 
3. Oh Father 
4. New York 
5. The Edge 
6. Binary 
7. Stranger 
8. Venus 
9. Thinking of Him 
10. Rex

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