Días de CAmpo

Three Days of Dance and Nature


The Festival was consolidated as a unique musical weekend into the nature, essential for lovers of dance music with good taste and outdoors fans. For this reason, the organization has decided to take a step forward and offer a complete experience during a long weekend.

The festival, now called Días de Campo, is here to stay, with a very special proposal in which the presence of Dekmantel Soundsystem stands out.  

The proposal has a simple but effective formula, unite the love of music with the delight of children and adults in the midst of nature.

Montanejos, privileged enclave of overwhelming beauty - and if you do not believe it, take a look at the pictures - will be the place where you will parade from 5 to 7 May, a careful selection of djs and producers that stand out for their refined taste devoid of ambitions beyond pure love and musical enjoyment:

Dekmantel Soundsystem, Tiago, Samo DJ, Chrissy, Sammy Dee, Abu Sou, MLIR, Chelis, Whatever Charles, Toni Copas, Felipe Perdomo, Alex Font,, Sugar Free, Source, Recho , Suez, Siervood, Pau Perez, Gregori, RARETRAXXX, Sierrra, Scaramanga Noize, Pizzicatto, Six Cats, Five Points, ORABICH DOWN BEATS, Alber Hi, He Cosmos, Boranimals, Electrronicall and AAPAES.


Días de Campo offers a line-up that demonstrates a passion for electronics, without being able to avoid being noticed the favorite student of the class: that house that has been maintained Faithful to the genuine principles of gender.

The duo Dekmantel Soundsystem formed by Thomas Martojo and Casper Tielrooij, besides organizing in Holland one of the best reputed electronic festivals in Europe, are known for their eclectic sessions and great musical background.

Lisboa based-Tiago has been a resident of the club Trust at Lux for 18 years and is one of the pioneers in mixing all kinds of genres in his country and has published in labels like DFA or Public Possesion. Sammy Dee, who resides in the most prestigious venues in Berlin, is now a fine tech-house producer.

The cartel has other international names such as Samo Dj and MLIR, without neglecting national proposals to take into account, such as Chelis, considered as one of the best national djs, Abu Sou, of the collective Discos Paradiso and conductor of the program Canela en Surco, the Young and promising Sugar Free, Charlie Whatever, Toni Copas, Felipe Perdomo, Alex Font, Recto, Sueezo, Siervood, Pau Perez, Gregori, RARETRAXXX, Sierrra, Scaramanga Noize, Pizzicatto, Six Cats, Five Points, ORABICH DOWN BEATS, Alber Hi, He Cosmos, or members of theBasement, Electrronicall, AAPAES and Boranimal.


Undoubtedly, one of the strengths of Días de Campo is the location, Montanejos. Locality of the province of Castellón, is known for its lagoons of hot springs.

theBasement team will take the best advantage of this privileged location and the programming will be developed by the different scenarios that Montanejos offers.

To ensure a comfortable and safe stay, the organization has arranged the

"theBasement Camp" to spend the night, with different options for different profiles.



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