LA producer and composer Deru’s latest LP Torn in Two is being released on Friends of Friends October 19th.

He is sharing a new short film for the first single from his new album

“Torn In Two”. 

A series of accompanying films that magnify the project’s themes, with effigies that absorb and reflect the human condition. They burn, they bleed, they hold their young, they get swallowed by the waves. Humanity is absent.  


The films are directed and edited by Deru (aka Benjamin Wynn) himself, in collaboration with Bryan Konietzko, the animator and director best known for Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, who provided the concept, art direction and digital sculpting. Wynn is also a founding member and Creative Director of the LA-based The Echo Society, a composer collective and non-profit org that premiers new orchestral works and has worked with Mica Levi, Haxan Cloak, Jonsi & others.

As for the album itself, the music lives in evolving landscapes of violence and beauty, with compositions that shape-shift, flutter, and decimate one's sense of time and place.

It’s a collection of microtonal pieces where the pitches were derived from acoustic instruments,

and processed woodwind and brass recordings.

They explode into walls of distortion and recede into quiet acoustics. 



Deru - Torn In Two

Deru – Torn In Two

Pre-order here


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