Toronto shapeshifters are sharing "Wax & Wane" from their upcoming EP: Multitudes II (coming out May 17).

"Wax & Wane" draws on the tension between lovers as they sense their clashing desires for both solitude and togetherness, individuality and kinship. 


Part of a series of EPs that focus on different facets of songwriter Charles Tilden's musical palate, Multitudes II promises to be a lush & exploratory alt-folk record, co-produced with

ace genre bender Sandro Perri.


Feel free to reach out to Knapsack or the artist if you'd like to cover the single and need any additional info. 

Delta Will is the shapeshifting project of Toronto songwriter and producer Charles Tilden. His eclectic songs explore many facets of the human condition, navigating between serene contemplative moments, and massive psychedelic explosions of sound.


Charles Tilden founded Delta Will as a bedroom project, releasing the Transcendental Visits EP in 2012, and the It All Glows EP in 2013. Now a four-piece band, rounded out by drummer

Kevin Correia, and multi-instrumentalists Brandon Johns and Milan Schramek, they

have found their voice by combining warm, organic sounds of the past with swirling

electronic flourishes to create an engaging portrait of the now.

Delta Will’s latest offering – a series of three EP’s entitled Multitudes (I, II & III) - has embraced this MO with even more purpose and direction.


While Multitudes I offered up soulful and psychedelic guitar pop songs performed by the project’s typical four- piece, the second instalment is a lush & exploratory folk record, featuring a chamber ensemble of some of Toronto’s finest, including Jaron Freeman-Fox (violin), Kira May (voice),

Chris Adriaanse (upright bass) and Virginia Frigault-MacDonald (clarinet).


Co- produced with genre bending ace Sandro Perri, the songs on Multitudes II are in no short supply of quirky sonic treats and deep, dynamic arrangements.

Nature’s constant ebb & flow is the persistent theme throughout Multitudes II, forming the imagery for songs about the human animal who is bound by nature’s cycles as it experiences interconnectivity, love, loss & deterioration. These are possibly Tilden’s most personal songs

yet, though they are meant to evoke universal truths.



Delta Will - Wa & Wane

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