Plan Your Escape


David Delruelle

Plan Your Escape

Dreams or reality? The collage series Plan Your Escape by David Delruelle take us to the 

 limits of imagination, quotidian aspects of life that perfectly fit into magical clear spaces.

The connection between photography and colours, the rhythm of sequences of time in a visual capsule that the vivid pastel backgrounds brings joyful and a state of peace

and harmony..

David Delruelle (1988) was born, lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. Inspired by everyday news and stories or his own memories, he questions the nature of found images, attaching a new meaning in an endless chain of possibilities, highlighting the connection with the other, which actually becomes a reflection of the self. Through visual contrasts and juxtapositions, Delruelle composes highly emotional collages which explore the inner turmoil of humanity and create a mish-mash of realms that gets us rethinking the images we see daily.



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