Oslo's Das Body' share slinky post disco pop new single 'Know My Name'

taken from debut EP out 28th September on Luminelle

With hints of Chromatics' and Lykke Li's earlier work, Oslo's Das Body have crafted a delightfully dark odd-pop EP, coming out on Luminelle Recordings at the end of September. 

Das Body presents the third single from their debut EP, 'Know My Name' is another glimpse into the bands evolving carefully crafted pop sound.

Frontwoman and vocalist Ellie Linden says about this slinky track: 

“Know My Name is the first song Kim and I wrote, and it became defining for our musical expression. We didn't want to exclude melancholic themes from our songs - such as in this one, which is about unreciprocated love - but we also didn't want to pair that with musical sentimentality.

The combo of the vocals and the synths worked perfectly for us and when we finished it we realized we were going to write albums together.

Because of this, Know My Name will always be very dear to our hearts.”

Listen to previous single, the smokey moonlit drive that is 'Graceland', all pulsing synths and 

Elie Linden's urgent vocals coming on like Gwen Stefani.

'Know My Name', 'Graceland' and the first single, irresistible summer jam 'Boys', are taken from Das Body's arresting post-disco pop debut, the 'DasBody EP', set for release on

Luminelle Recordings 28th September.

Hailing from the greyer climes of Oslo— particularly East Oslo with its drizzly expanse of apartment blocks and gas stations stocked with Kent cigs and smut mags—Das Body bring a well-needed burst of colour. Ellie Linden, Kim Granholt, Patrik Alm, Didrik Karsrud— all four were born

and bred in Norway and have become fast friends creating what is undeniably pop music,

though just a little darker.

After a few years deep in the studio, Das Body is ready to emerge with their debut self-titled EP.

Their synths and rhythms enter with a classic 80s familiarity but quickly take a turn for a sort of new-new-wave. On their first single, 'Boys', the melodies melt at places and wrinkle at the edges. The vocals warble and waver, and occasionally reach into higher, alien pitches. And even the most cheerful of tropes— a vocoded lyric or a Casio-like beat— still betray some shadows to balance out the brightness. Das Body is writing pop music without the saccharine sentimentality that proliferates the radio. Instead, next to their vulnerability, they mix in a little vulgarity, or a

little light-heartedness.

“This is all for fun— and if it isn’t fun, really why do any of it at all?” 

explains Ellie Linden.



Das Body – Das Body EP

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