Present the striking video for 'Graceland' taken from debut EP

With hints of Chromatics' and Lykke Li's earlier work, Oslo's Das Body have crafted a delightfully dark odd-pop debut EP. The latest offering from the Norwegian newcomers is the striking video for 'Graceland'. The dazzling visuals for this pulsing 80s midnight drive of a tune are premiered today, all flickering red filters, cinematography reminiscent of 'The Neon Demon' and a great performance from frontwoman and co-songwriter Ellie Linden

Ellie Linden says about the making of 'Graceland:

 "'Graceland' is more of a feeling than a song. Playing it live feels like starring in a neo-noir movie with Elvis. Graceland is like a battle between the never-ending drumbeat and the unsettling vocals, held together by some simple chords. It was an intense journey to write, it's an intense journey to play and it's probably an intense listen."

Director Lykke Hagen added:

"The video is an attempt at a depiction of the abstract feeling of alienation, sadness and longing, but also strength and comfort, as the song so beautifully portrays."

'Know My Name', 'Graceland' and the first single, irresistible summer jam 'Boys', are taken from Das Body's arresting debut, the 'Das Body EP'.

Hailing from the greyer climes of Oslo, Das Body bring a well-needed burst of colour. Ellie Linden, Kim Granholt, Patrik Alm, Didrik Karsrud— all four were born and bred in Norway and have become fast friends creating what is undeniably pop music, though just a little darker. 

Their synths and rhythms enter with a classic 80s familiarity but quickly take a turn for a sort of new-new-wave.  Das Body is writing pop music without the saccharine sentimentality that proliferates the radio. Instead, next to their vulnerability, they mix in a little vulgarity, or a little light-heartedness.


Das Body – Das Body EP

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