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Nine years ago, while studying film in Montpellier in France, Sylvain Soulier aka Darlyn Vlys found himself mesmerized by some of the amazing electronic musicians he was introduced to by this vibrant city.

Fascinated by electronic music. 

He draws from influences such as Vitalic, Royksopp, M83, Daft Punk, The Chemicals Brothers and movie soundtracks composers such as Giorgio Moroder, Vangelis, Eric Serra, or Joe  Hisaishi.

After moving to Valencia, Spain, he created his own style of sensual and captivating tech house, tinged with jazzy influences and latin percussions.

His sound quickly got him signed to some of the most influential labels on the dance music scene.

This debut album, entitled "Prince in the Rain" (his first album signed on Sincopat) was designed, a kind of incredibly well cohesive original soundtrack, written within the parameters of a sci-fi film with a good dose

of realism, drama and romanticism.

Darlyn Vlys is backed up for this occasion by the vocal collaboration of

the Australian singer HapticAndreas Kubat, lead singer of the alt-rock and electro German band Northern Lite, the Belgian Rari and also the important participation of the musician and drummer Days Off; Kid Bucle and AFFKT, on the mastering and building a final mix of the overall project.

Darlyn Vlys feat. Northern Lite - Learned to Hide

Bizzarre: A perfect day for you is...?

Darlyn Vlys: I love waking up with my three kids.

They are a great source of inspiration and after spending time with them I am full of energy and I am ready for the challenges of the day!


B: A person (famous or not) that have inspired you in your existence?

Why that person?

DV: As we speak, There are so many excited, passionate persons that have inspired me but actually I have in mind the legendary Ennio Moricone.

His soundtracks always captivated me during my youth and some of these masterpieces like (Mission, le bon labrute et le truant) still stay etched on my memory.

B: How the music impacts your life?

DV: I truly believe music is a part of my life, it always impacted me in good and bad moments. I am music lover I am constantly interested in discovering all genres of music.


B: If you have to change something in the actual world, what would it be?

DV: I am very worried about Climate change and destruction of nature.

I would like to going back and take emergency measures to avoid the worst scenario!

B: One of your best memories that you have of when you were a child?

DV: Without any doubt, The folk guitar that my parents bought for my 6th
birthday was a unforgettable moment.
It was very surprising, I didn't expect it at all, since this day music took a new
dimension in my life.


B: “The Prince in the Rain” is your debut album which is out now via the label Sincopat; tell us about how you faced this so important challenge, and how satisfied are with it compared with your previous releases (singles, Eps,

DV: Like you say, it was a big challenge to release my first ever album on
Sincopat. Before starting on it I knew I would not produce clubbing tracks but
something who mirrors a painful journey of my influences. In addition, the
development of "Prince in the Rain" happened during a period of transition in my life. EPs are steps during an dj/productor life, an album is another type of developement. More intimate and characteristic."Prince in the Rain" still have the Darlyn Vlys’ footprint but at the same time it tells a complete story with a beginning , middle and end.

B: Let us know everything you want about the writing/composing process of
the album? And something very important to us to know: Sincopat gave
you absolute creative freedom or…?

DV: The development of "Prince in the Rain" took me a little longer than what I expected.

This was an interesting and enriching experience but collaborating with the others artists who live from halfway around the world extend the process of the album. In addition I should also don’t forget the long and great mix down made by the Pobla Studio. About my relation with Sincopat, I am part of the family since its very beginning. They always gave me absoute creative freedom, AFFKT knew I will write something different than the clubbing tracks I usually released but we never talked about the direction it will take. I tried to create an album especially epic and cinematic, it was important for me to experiment new styles like Rock, Downtempo or Electronica.

We are all very happy about this huge bet, it’s getting a great success !


B: Digging in the songs included on this LP. What are your favourite tracks and why? The most complicated song to compose or maybe master?

DV: Honestly, I don’t have preference of any of them. This question is very difficult to answer; as if asking me which of my three child I love most.  

From beginning to end every songs of the album played a important role on the story on ‘Prince in the Rain’.Undoubtedly, the most complicated songs to compose is "Paradoxal" Feat. Rari which is the most cinematic piece on the album with its rising orchestral strings.

B: Even much more recent is LP entitled “The Prince in the Rain DV:  REMIXED”. How much you enjoy listen other people reworking your music?

From this 10-track pack, which are your favourite remixes?

DV: I am feeling very fortunate to have all these great artists and friends as remixers. Each of them add an own contribution and a special touch at ‘Prince in the Rain’ making a result very uniform!I have the chance to play the one from Marc De Pulse at club, the crowd was crazy!

B: You are based in Valencia, but your homeland is Montpellier France, How your life has changed since you decided to move away?

DV: Yes, I grew up in Nîmes, a small town in south of France and now I am living in Valencia . Since my arrival in Spain my plans and my life took another direction.Now I am married and I am father of three kids : )

B: You love to experiment different fields in your music, where does this multi-
inspiration comes from?  

DV: Every day I enrich myself from different kind of musics and one of my hobbies is to discover new gold nuggets. In ‘Prince in the Rain’ we can feel a merge of many influence as Downtempo, Electronica, Rock or New Wave.

B: How is your relation with "the seventh art"? Have you ever composed any
original movie soundtrack or somithing similar? and can you tell us your favourite music soundtracks ever and which of them you would have liked to be the composer?

DV: In fact, I am passionate about great movies since ever and having studied cinema in France. it helps me a lot to bring this cinematic footprint which appears on the whole album. I also composed some short film soundtracks, the last one is ‘Faces’ for the French Director ‘Vincent Vandries’ who also directed the video clip "Learned to Hide" on my album.



(SINCOPAT, 2018)

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Darlyn Vlys feat. Northern Lite - Learned to Hide

Blade Runner is one of the best soundtrack I would love to compose.

I always been fascinated by the Vangelis music. Nowadays when I listen to this classic timeless, I still have goose bumps. I am especially fan on the song ‘Theme’ which is full of hope!

Blade Runner Theme by Vangelis

B: Describe your last 365 days in 2 words?

DV: Intense and captivating.


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