Cyrene shares MGMT cover 'Time To Pretend' taken from her debut EP;

Cyrene produces emotive acoustic covers for the modern listeners, reimagining classic songs in beautiful new ways. 

For now the identity of Cyrene remains a secret, but the truth will be told as the story unfolds…

Cyrene is steeped in mystery and myth. To the Ancient Greeks, she was a huntress who slayed wild beasts with a bronze- tipped javelin and bewitched Apollo by battling a lion with her

bare hands.


For centuries, the city of Cyrene in Libya, built in her honour at the behest of Apollo, was a prosperous place of great cultural and political importance. Cyrene still exists and,

over time, her myths have multiplied..

Cyrene’s boldness and beauty, her fearlessness and fame have inspired writers, poets, sculptors and painters for hundreds of years. The lost city is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where shrines, temples and amphitheatres dominate her remains. Only now, however, has

Cyrene been celebrated in song.

Through Cyrene, familiar lyrics take on new meanings. The spellbinding sound has an otherworldly aura, a dreamlike quality fixed neither in time nor place. Rather than covers, these are re-interpretations that aim to blur boundaries and demolish differences, to enchant and

surprise, to soothe and excite.

It’s pop, seen through the lens of Cyrene’s legend, in which secrets will slowly reveal themselves.

The story has just begun!

“It’s strange what desire will make foolish people do”

Cyrene confronts her myth on a cover of the Chris Isaac classic Wicked Game. The fearless huntress with whom Apollo was so besotted that he built a city in her name was

Ancient Greece’s most bewitching woman and a rare instance of a powerful,

independent female in a world run by men.


Countless artists have covered Wicked Game since the song’s release in 1990 – among them Tangerine Dream, R.E.M, London Grammar, James Vincent McMorrow and a Swedish

metal band. Cyrene’s sensual reworking reclaims the feminist essence of the original

and continues her quest bring her influence and spirit in to the present day.

An art/lyric video is being produced using artwork by RUFFMERCY (Thom Yorke,

Nightmares On Wax, J Dilla).which has been taken from a series of 10x covers designed specifically for Cyrene.  


The video will be released separately from the EP in early April 2019 and will have a stand alone press campaign, giving additional focus on RUFFMERCY’s celebrated artwork and his recent

work with Thom Yorke (5x videos for the film soundtrack of Susperia, released on

XL Recordings)




Cyrene - Time To Pretend


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