Announce the release of their self-titled debut album on February 1rst, 2019. 

In-between timelessness and the Zeitgeist, CULK are releasing their self-titled debut album

The young ensemble from Vienna astonishes with unexpected alluring moments of suspense and melodic breaks — torn between meditative trance, exuberant essence and pure ecstasy. 

 Distorted sounds, edgy guitars and rhythmic patterns reminiscent of Psychedelic Rock and 60ies Nonchalance à la Velvet Underground are mixed with hints of Shoegaze and Post-Punk. The result: An engaging album that’s shrouded in shivering atmosphere —  comforting yet tense, welcoming yet challenging, accessible yet complex. An intricate record that reveals itself progressively with each listen.


Songs such as “Begierde/Scham”, “Faust” or “Velvet Morning” are going to evoke a tranquilizing thrill that follows through the entire output and will showcase the great potential these four sophomore musicians have. 

Most notably are the sublime vocals of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Sophie Loew — touching, inebriating and fascinating at the same time. Thus, her voice conveys enough depth and delicacy to contrast the ear shattering levels of sound; and aligns well with the imminent and uncompromising lyrics about belligerence, elusive emotions and passive aggressiveness, just to name a few. However, this isn’t an album that delves into self-indulgence: CULK meticulously tackle the complexities of life, the roles of both victim and perpetuator and the thin line between pleasure and pain.    

Among these walls of sound and the roaring guitars lies the intentional decision to perform the songs in both English and German. The linguistic interplay between desolated coldness and compelling tunes conveys a vocal battle against the instruments without ever sounding forced but confident and always in control. CULK embrace the collision of contrasts in their music and therefore establish a world full of mystery and resonating horror accompanied by the sounds of distorted guitars viciously screaming dystopian chants.

As a result, this record solidifies CULK’s uniqueness among other contemporary Indie acts and earns them the recognition as 'the hottest newcomer band in town'. They further underline their aloof yet vulnerable character with the video-releases of “Begierde/Scham” and “Faust”.         

From the textual concept through the visual arrangements: “CULK” is a cohesive opus, pushing the scope of dismal emotions and forgiving moments. It neither attempts to chum-up nor promises a false happy ending, but rather challenges its listeners and consequently, carries them away.  


CULK are Sophie Loew (Vocals, Guitar, Synth), Johannes Blindhofer (Guitar), Benjamin Steiger (Bass, Guitar) and Christoph Kuhn (Drums). “CULK” was produced by Jakob Herber




Culk – Culk

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