Crywolf Reveals 'Mabúl [CEPHALOTUS Official Video]' from 'WIDOW' Short Film [Part Two of Three].

Known for pushing boundaries in all aspects of his art, Crywolf returns today to kick off the release of his ‘WIDOW’ series, a short film that will be released in three parts.


The video rollout follows Crywolf’s evocative 16-track album, widow [OBLIVIØN Pt. I], which was released on March 22nd, and pairs as the perfect visual compliment to the music. The first video

of the series Mabúl [CEPHALOTUS Official Video] is out Wednesday, May 8th.

Mabúl [CEPHALOTUS Official Video] is technically part two of three in the 'WIDOW' roll out and starts right in the middle of the action. In the video we see Crywolf's character

drowning, seemingly stuck in a sort of purgatory where he is unable to let go of his



There is a building anxiety throughout the video that is both jarring and captivating. The video stands alone as a beautiful visual expression while simultaneously performing as a part of a

larger emotional story that will unfold throughout 'WIDOW.'

Crywolf repeatedly pushes his own limits in the creation of his art and the 'WIDOW' videos are no exception. He prepared to film Mabúl [CEPHALOTUS Official Video] by doing free diving training and learning how to hold his breath underwater for the entire 4 minutes of the song.


There are few artists who will go to the lengths that Crywolf will. He will be hosting a Reddit AMA on r/electronicmusic on May 9th at 12pm PST to answer all fan questions about the video and more. 

Crywolf is also completing his US tour at Los Angeles' 1720 this Friday, May 10th.



Crywolf -  Widow [OBLIVIØN Pt. I]

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