CLUBZ presents their second preview of their debut album "Destellos" 

to be released in May.


Popscuro comes together with a great video clip shot & directed by Laura Martinova last fall in Barcelona Spain.


CLUBZ explains about the track Popscuro:


"the title is born from the union of the words "pop and dark"

and in a way describes exactly what

we feel and what we want to give when making music".


A few months ago they published El Rollo, the first advance of their forthcoming album Destellos to be released via-CANADA Editorial in May 2017.

CLUBZ will perform at the renowned Nrmal Festival in Mexico City and during the month

of June they will be back in Europe starting their presentation tour of the new album at the Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona on the 3rd of June.


CLUBZ is a Mexican duo formed by Orlando Fernández and Coco Santos, who renews the electro-pop sounds of the 80s and 90s with their own identity.

With their debut EP Textures, this North American duo had already become one of the

most interesting and promising proposals of Mexico.







Saturday 11 March - Festival Nrmal, Mexico City.
Saturday 03 June 2017 - Primavera Sound Festival 2017, Barcelona Spain



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CLUBZ - Popscuro

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