Present their new video for the track "Nagano" directed by the talented

Alexis Gómez.

CLUBZ present the official video clip for the song Nagano, one of the most powerful ballads of their new album Destellos, performed with the Colombian artist Ela Minus. Directed by

Alexis Gómez, who has worked with Bad Gyal, El Último Vecino, Extraperlo or

Sticky MA.

"The video captures how a person can feel so complete that radiates and shares light." 

The piece was recorded in S16mm between Brooklyn and Manhattan and explore that feeling of nostalgia through dance, mixtures of colors, textures, connection with the body, attitudes and emotional states.


Nagano is one of the most important songs on the disc for CLUBZ

"It's the first song we started with," they say. "There was a period of time recording the album where we were tired of not coming up with the mix

and we felt that this song did not get where we wanted, but in a good

rush that we retake to finish what we had done, we decided to get

involved in the song"


And it was when they added all the instruments that are heard now, and that make it one of the favorite songs on the album.


Clubz continue touring LATAM, now they are preparing for the Ceremony Festival on April 6 in Mexico City (where it will coincide with Bad Gyal) and then they will continue touring the

United States, stopping in Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, New York, San Francisco and

Los Angeles, among other cities.



Clubz - Nagano feat. Ela Minus

Clubz - Destellos

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