Christopher Willits announces new album 'Sunset' out 6/14 on Ghostly.

One of the core artists on Ghostly since its inception, the ambient artist's compositions on Sunset move from warm to cool, designed as a soundtrack to embrace the day's

end; a collective letting go.


Released via spatial audio like his 2017 album Horizon, it’s produced to listen from *within*. He’s continued to evolve his craft through introspective solo albums, widescreen audiovisuals, and unbridled collaborations including two albums with Ryuichi Sakamoto and productions with Tycho. On the live front, he played last year's inaugural edition of Mutek SF, and

has opened for the late Jóhann Jóhannsson. 


Using the cutting-edge immersive audio venues and software tools of his nonprofit, Envelop, Willits illuminates a landscape for the future of electronic music. Most importantly, Willits presents his latest work with the simple instructions:


"Begin the music 15 minutes before the sun sets.”

Christopher Willits is an artist, musician, and guitarist who creates immersive ambient music. As one of the core artists on the Ghostly International label roster since the early 2000s, Willits

has continually evolved his craft, producing one of the most diverse and prolific catalogs within contemporary ambient music. Releases span introspective solo albums, widescreen

audiovisuals, and unbridled collaborations. His process is an expression of love,

inspired by an international audience of listeners, and the conviction that

music can catalyze personal transformation and spiritual awakening.

Willits began his career with a string of critically acclaimed albums on the 12k label. The minimal sound introduced on those recordings remains at the core of his work: warm guitar tones woven into smooth, harmonic surfaces. Willits made his Ghostly International full-length debut with 2006 landmark Surf Boundaries. He’d expand his vision next through collaboration, working

with Ryuichi Sakamoto (2008’s Ocean Fireand 2012’s Ancient Future), Zach Hill of

Death Grips, Taylor Deupree, and, for 2014 LP Opening, with the whole band of

Tycho. He also lent a hand in mastering the latter’s album Awake, composed the

original score for documentary The Art of Listening, and continues to lead

music production and meditation classes in San Francisco.

In 2017, Willits put forth Horizon, the first ever spatial audio release on Ghostly International. The album’s innovative 3D mix is mapped to surround listeners and align with sleep patterns, meditation, and other mindful practices. Willits is also the director and co-founder of the nonprofit, Envelop; leading a mission to amplify the connective power of music through

immersive audio venues and spatial audio production tools.


Like Horizon, his 2019 album Sunset utilizes Envelop’s cutting-edge technology to encourage listening from within. The five compositions move from warm to cool designed as a

soundtrack to embrace the day's end; a collective letting go. Another skyward,

pioneering project from an artist who occupies a unique corner of the

electronic music universe.



Christopher Willits - Sunset 

Pre-Order here

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