Chorus Grant announces new album and sets his anxieties free on new single “Give It A Name”.

Following the mesmerizing comeback single “Lives” earlier this spring Chorus Grant (aka

Kristian Finne) announces the release of his new album Vernacular Music out Sep 27th

via Tambourhinoceros (Palace Winter, IRAH, Sunx etc.). The announcement is

accompanied by the release of Scandinavian mariachi single “Give It A Name”.

The single is a song about letting go and moving on - centered around the idea of lifting the weight on one’s shoulders by “giving it a name”. It revolves around a driving Spanish guitar and soft handclaps, inspired equally by the mariachi-tradition and Kristian’s nordic heritage.


Morricone’esque sounds from a slide-guitar, organs and saxophone beat the path to the soothing call and response-vocals that bring redemption and emancipation in the chorus. “Give it a Name” was recorded all in one night at the Sauna Studios in Copenhagen with producer and friend

Nis Bysted. Rhythm section Tobias Lange (drums) and Moogie Johnson (bass) laid the solid foundation for singer and guitarist Kristian Finne and keyboard player/backing vocalist

Camilla Munck to voice ponderings about freeing oneself from the past and using that

as a stepping stone to unfold the future.

Chorus Grant's album Space from 2014 was praised by critics in his native Denmark and internationally. Now, five years later, the follow-up, Vernacular Music, which contains

12 songs wrapped in Nordic melancholy, stretched out between guitar-based chamber

music, folk rock and an alternative singer songwriter sound. The songs revolve around

the theme of change and it is heard both in the music's contemplative tone and

poetically honest lyrics.

Since the release of Space, Kristian Finne has released records and toured with the acclaimed duo Cancer, which in addition to Kristian himself consists of When Saints Go Machine-lead singer Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild. Together they have released the EP Ragazzi and the LP Totem, both on Tambourhinoceros. On this new album Kristian has worked with his own take on

the Nordic tone, which he calls "the melancholic major" - an undercurrent that runs in

the dna of the songs and leads one to the core of his emotional life.

“Music and songwriting is my most trusted friend. It helps me to understand life and to talk about things that can’t be articulated

in normal conversation. I have felt an urgency to write these

songs that investigate a time where I was in a limbo, floating

freely in the air between an old and a new life. My hope is that

the new songs will resonate with others and serve as a mirror

where people can unravel their own lives just as the songs

have done for me"

The album is guest by a group of prominent musicians, including the English drummer

Sebastian Rochford (Polar Bear, Patti Smith, David Byrne / Brian Eno among

others), Danish CTM (Cæcilie Trier) and violinist Nils Gröndahl among others.

The music is recorded in Copenhagen with the band members Camilla Munck

and Moogie Johnson and is produced in collaboration with Mads Brinch

and Nis Bysted (who was recently awarded as Producer of the Year at the

Danish critic’s award Steppeulven).

Vernacular Music is released on sep 27, 2019 by Tambourhinoceros


Jun 22, 2019, Midsommer Festival, Præstø -DK

Jul 13, 2019, Jazz Ugen, Aarhus - DK

Aug 9, 2019, Ofelia Live, Copenhagen - DK

Aug 30, 2019, Høst Møn - DK

Oct 17, 2019, Dexter, Odense- DK

Oct 24, 2019, Hotel Cecil, Copenhagen - DK

Oct 25, 2019, Atlas, Aarhus - DK

Oct 26, 2019, Huset i Hasseris, Aalborg - DK



Chorus Grant - Give It A Name

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