Return with "Two Step", a vibrant new single

Announce new album set for release in 2019

Geelong quintet Canary make their welcome return to the scene with a new style, new sound and new single ‘Two Step’, right in time for summer. 

Opening with driving drums and crunching guitars, ‘Two Step’ takes the formerly introverted and mystic sounds of the band to a highly energetic and involved realm, where the beat feels better on the dancefloor. The track moves quickly with charming vocals and pop inspired licks abed an exciting multifaceted background. ‘Two Step’ boasts the layered instrumental and harmonic sound we’ve come to know and love from the group, but with the freshness of pop licks and bright melodies. 

“The song explores the experiential reality of holding contradictory and competing perspectives, opinions, needs and desires, all inside your own head.” – Matthew Kenneally, Canary


Already a hit on the international stage, ‘Two Step’ was picked up by a quirky German advertising agency, making its world debut before it was even released.

Fronted by songwriter Matthew Kenneally, Canary are known for their intricate and immersive sound, laden with dreamy melodies and fixating instrumentation. The new Canary sound comes from a different approach to songwriting and due breathing room between releases. ‘Two Step’ highlights the group’s continuing growth and search for a crafted sound that challenges personal and creative boundaries.

Canary already boast an impressive back catalogue of work. Their debut release Dear Universe and their sophomore album I Am Lion in 2016, shining them on both national and international stages. Canary have made themselves a favourite live band around the country, supporting the likes of Saskwatch, Hein Cooper, Ainslie Wills and LANKS.

Two Step’ is a easy breezy good time track right in time for the summer and the perfect first taste of Canary’s third full-length record set for release in 2019.




16 November – The Workers Club, Geelong

Supported by Batts

22 November – The Gasometer Hotel, Melbourne

Supported by Batts and Loni Rae Thompson

Tickets available




Canary – Two Step

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