Shares the video for the track "Talk Talk Talk" from his new album "Health" out now via-fat cat records.

C Duncan relates the attempts to reconstruct a fractured relationship on the rhythmic art-funk of his single "Talk Talk Talk Talk".

He explains: 

"Talk Talk Talk Talk" is about misunderstandings. When you don't realize that you're not on the same wavelength as someone, you can

see how a misperception can differentiate you. However, it is also

a question of doing this and rebuilding bridges. »

"The video of "Talk Talk Talk Talk" is in the same vein as "Impossible". It is fun and offbeat, which is perfectly in line with the nature of the song. The use of colours and animated images juxtaposed with the reality of the setting transports us into a surrealist world that is both mischievous and sensitive. »

C Duncan's long-awaited third album sees the Scottish multi-instrumentalist abandon his studio and work with other producers, engineers and musicians for the first time. Warm and rich in harmony, Duncan deliciously juxtaposes the album's vibrant aesthetic with an often darker

lyrical nuance, pushing himself to refine and explore new ways of writing. Health sees

Duncan evolving and expanding its parameters in a hypnotic way.

The first single of this album, "Impossible", was released in January. Duncan associates strings and psychedelic sounds with it. Syncopated piano rhythms and dark vocal harmonies recall

the soothing beauty of The Midnight Sun.

After the first album Architect nominated for the Mercury Prize (2015), then The Midnight Sun (2016) Health achieved Duncan's goals.

"With this third album, I wanted to take a more direct approach, adding even more overlays but exposing myself musically and lyrically. Having someone to exchange production ideas really opened my eyes. In the

past, I had a lot of control over how this would sound, but Health

really showed me the advantage of working with others and made

the process much less isolating,." 


Filled with new ideas and full of inventiveness, Health combines syncopated art-pop piano rhythms with undulating ballads, performed with high precision. And as always, Duncan contributed to all the visuals surrounding the release.



C Duncan - Talk Talk Talk

C Duncan - Health 

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