Australian singer/songwriter Brendon Moon shares new track "Girl" from his recently released debut album.

 Prepare to enter a wondrous dream state. Originally hailing from the picturesque Whitsundays, singer-songwriter Brendon Moon relocated to Sydney in 2012 in order to pursue his burgeoning musical career.


His determination towards aural uniqueness has led him to develop a sound that is both delicate and powerfully alluring. Moon’s one-of-a-kind stage presence and lush guitar tones are nothing short of exquisite.


The artist’s self titled debut album is the fruit of his passionate labor. Between the floating, androgynous vocals, meandering melodies and varied instrumental arrangements throughout, the album typifies Moon’s unique and captivating musical style.


His featured single “Blue Moon” was the feature track on Triple J’s Unearthed program ‘TOPS’.

It’s a dreamy offering of folk-rock that eventually builds into a swirling ball of melodic fuzz.

While the lush, well-layered instrumentals do a lot of the talking, it’s his angelic voice that

really draws you in. It’s the kind of breezy listening that will effortlessly transport you into

another realm.


"I had been working on the songs for some time and at the start of 2017 the decision came to get a band together to further develop the sound and what could be made of the songs I had written. After our debut band show in May 2017, I immediately knew we had to get these songs onto an album, they just felt so right.


Making a full-length record was something I had always wanted to do. In August 2017 the band and I went into the studio to make it happen. Since then I have released two singles from the record and played multiple supporting and headlining shows across Sydney. The songs definitely developed a connection with more so over time for me, rather than instantly.


Lyrically most of my songs can be seen as open to interpretation. I have a close connection with this kind of writing and theme, as it’s how I feel music is as a subject. A song can be very different from one person to the next and it’s the feeling, subject and emotion that has the varying impact. I tend to flow with the songs natural direction and feel. Song writing is definitely something you can’t force or control."

"We recorded 90% of the album live at Turning Studios in Sydney. We only had four days to track the whole album and spent the last day over viewing its entirety, adding those overdub touches to where they were needed. We started 9 am and didn’t finish until 9-10 pm. The studio consisted of two spacious rooms with natural light pouring throughout. This really helped capture a natural feel when we were playing and helped set the atmosphere of the whole process. The studio had a reputation as one the best drumming rooms in Sydney and offered some beautiful instruments in throughout the space, one being a vintage Fender Jazz Master that we all just fell in love with, of course it is featured in most the of tracks. The album was recorded, tracked and engineered by Jai Ingram and mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound in New York."



Brendon Moon - Brendon Moon

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