Shares new single "Yello/Concrete"

Yello/Concrete” was written while BIRTHH sat alone in a windowless room on a scorching hot day in Los Angeles. Her plan for the day was simple: quickly write a beat for a rapper she’d met

in Chicago and then head to the beach for the day. Fate, however, had its own ideas. “I rolled

a couple of joints and made two different beats. I panned one on the left and one on the right, and against all odds it sounded surprisingly nice and organic,” she recalls. Gradually the song took shape, with bass, backing vocals and nuanced details added to the growing production. “When I was done I went out to buy some water and realised it was midnight. I’d worked on the song for fourteen hours non-stop. I’m not sure how that happened, but I’m glad it did.”


BIRTHH is the project of the Florence-born 22-year-old singer/songwriter Alice Bisi, and these new singles are the first new music she’s released since her acclaimed debut album Born In

The Woods came out in 2016 to critical acclaim worldwide, with NPR likening her sound

to " ominous murmuration of fluttering robo-birds,” while the Sunday Times said “If you like Bjork and Nick Cave, try BIRTHH.” Her music is rooted in playful, pop-leaning songs that marry folk-tinged songwriting, along with laid-back jazz grooves and undercurrents of glitchy electronica. Her new music is an intricate, consistently compelling suite

of immersive alt-pop that shifts willfully between genres with ease. BIRTHH wrote most of it in her makeshift bedroom studio before completing it with Solange collaborator Lucius Page and the GRAMMY Award-winning mixing engineer Robert 'LB’ Dorsey (H.E.R., The Roots) and GRAMMY Award-winning powerhouse mastering engineer Emily Lazar (David Bowie, The Killers, Lou Reed, Dolly Parton).



BIRTHH - "Yello/Concrete"

Birthh - "Yello/Concrete"

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