Beach Fossils, are back after a long time, the return of the band from Brooklyn, comes with their new album Somersault, showing the band blossoming into new musical territory with a refined songwriting style, taking us to their own personal experiences of life in New York City.


After the group’s self-titled 2010 debut and their Clash the Truth in 2013, Beach Fossils established a sound that was both minimal and enveloping.

With SomersaultBeach Fossils is submerged in new fields to find the evolution and development of their sound.

A delightful complex instrumentation, piano, flute, string arrangements, and sax, the new songs offer multi-layered pop guided by sharp, poignant, and honest lyrics, more eclectic, fluid, compositions made of experiments and sampling of the band’s own recordings.

Somersault is the result of the collaboration between the founding member Dustin Payseur and band-mates, Jack Doyle Smith and Tommy Davidson.

Recorded at multiple studios across New York City, and even Los Angeles (including the home studio of Jonathan Rado of Foxygen), the album (as they describe) was a Frankenstein-like series of reworking and re-imagining songs.

Released on Dustin Payseur’s new label Bayonet Records, the band worked with freedom and time, bringing a solid and unbreakable chemistry to the band and gave them a great result musically and lyrically. 

Here is Dustin Payseur speaking about their day by day and to speak about this awe-inspiring monster Somersault, enjoy.

Bizzarre: Three things that you want to do together as soon as possible?

Dustin: Sleep all together in a king size bed for an entire week without a break.

B: Something that should not exist?

Dustin: The exploitation of animals for human consumption, products or entertainment.

B: A song to describe your day?

Dustin: Meat Puppets - Up on the Sun.​

B: If you could take a plane together tomorrow morning, where would you go?

Dustin: Home to my bed.

B: What is the best part to be together but not as a band? 

Dustin: Soft, soft lips.

B: What is the best situation for you to have inspiration?

Dustin: Turning off from the rest of the world and making noise until our heads are about to explode.

​B: The lead single for your new album Somersault , "This Year", is the first track after 4 years, what this track brings to you and why did you choose this song to be the lead single?

Dustin: This record is pretty different sonically and texturally than the previous stuff, so we figured we would kick it off with something having a familiar sound and then take everybody down the hole with us.

Beach Fossils - This Year

B: You said that “the less visible places and characters exist in beautiful harmony both in New York City”, did you find another place just like this or New York City is your city of inspiration?

Dustin: For better or worse, everywhere has its own weirdness and freaky stuff that makes it special, but NY is what really does it for me. I like waking up there and knowing it's my home.

B: We can see that in the video for "Sugar"  tell us about that experience, and about the skateboards story behind.

Dustin: It was great, we hung out with all the Habitat dudes and had a great time. We made a skate deck with them so figured it would be appropriate to collab on a vid as well. That video is just a document of the two days we spent together. 

Beach Fossils - Sugar

B: Your album has melancholic notes but remains very chill. In which situation would you advise the first listen of “Somersault”?

Dustin: I think it works in a lot of different settings, so I say however somebody wants to listen to it is the right way. I prefer to listen to music at 4am in headphones staring at the ceiling in the dark. But you can also listen to it at a boxing match or while sitting in a meat locker / freezer at a restaurant.

Beach Fossils - Saint Ivy


Beach Fossils Tour Dates:

Fri. Aug 18 - Trondheim, Norway @ PSTEREO

Sun. Aug 20 - Hamburg, Germany @ Ms Dockville  

Mon. Aug 21 - Luxembourg, Luxembourg @ Carre Rotondes

Tue. Aug 22 - Munich, Germany @ Muffatwerk

Wed. Aug 23 - Asolo, Italy @ AMA

Thu. Aug 24 - Zurich, Switzerland @ Zurich Openair Festival

Sat. Aug. 26 - Leeds, UK @ This Must Be The Place

Sun. Aug 27 - Bristol, UK @ Hardly a Party

Tue. Aug 29 - London, UK @ Oslo Hackney (second show added)

Wed. Aug. 30 - London, UK @ Oslo Hackney (SOLD OUT)

Thu. Aug. 31 - Gdansk, Poland @ Soundrive

Sat. Sept. 2 - Manchester, UK @ 02 Ritz

Sun. Sept. 3 - Birmingham, UK @ Hare and Hounds

Mon. Sept. 4 - Brighton, UK @ Patterns

Tue. Sept. 5 - Cologne, Germany @ Blue Shell

Wed. Sept. 6 - Berlin, Germany @ Musik & Frieden

Thu. Sept. 7 - Prague, Czech Republic @ MeetFactory

Sat. Sept. 9 - Budapest, Hungary @ A38 Ship

Sun. Sept. 10 - Zagreb, Croatia @ Mocvara

Mon. Sept. 11 - Bologna, Italy @ Locomotiv

Tue. Sept. 12 - Rome, Italy @ Monk Club

Wed. Sept. 13 - Milan, Italy @ Magnolia

Fri. Sept. 15 - Saint-Amans-Des-Cots, France

@ Heart of Glass - Heart of Gold Festival

Sat. Sept. 16 - Angers, France @ Levitation

Mon. Sept. 18 - Brussels, Belgium @ Botanique Rotonde

Tue. Sept. 19 - Roubaix, France @ La Cave aux Poetes

Wed. Sept. 20 - Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Paradiso

Order Somersault here.

Beach Fossils - Down the Line

B: Tell us about the incredible project Bayonet Records.

Dustin: It's a record label I started with my wife Katie. We put out music we love by artists we respect. We have a lot of new stuff coming up that I'm really excited about.

B: What is planned for Beach Fossils?

Dustin: Touring, touring, touring, recording, recording, recording.

B: Describe "Somersault" with 3 different locations, smells, items (or whatever takes you there) of New York...

Dustin: Fish dumpster across the street from fresh cut grass in the breeze of the park with loud trucks rolling by spewing black exhaust while someone's dog takes a piss, in comes a wave of sound of horns honking and teenagers yelling.

Beach Fossils will embark on their first headline tour in support of Somersault playing two headline shows at London's Oslo as well as various other dates around the UK and Europe. 

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