Share RnB inflected wonky-pop single 'God of Nowhere'.

Self-described as 'awkward pop music for midnight walks and dancing in the nude', Oxford quartet BE GOOD’s sound is silky smooth, whilst maintaining just enough

rough edges to stay warmly endearing. The band formed after vocalist Ash Cooke and drummer Charlie Clarke met at a ceramics club, and then bonded over nights

listening to rap music in a South East London flat.


Relocating to Cooke’s hometown Oxford they enlisted James Cunning (synths) and 

Patrick Burley (bass), to start a band in response to small-town suburban boredom.

Naming themselves after 96-year-old chemistry professor John B. Goodenough, they started releasing tracks in earnest - early singles came out via boutique labels Kitsuné and 


God of Nowhere is their latest RnB inflected gem. Slowly pulsing synths and locked-in, grooving bass and guitar lines provide the bed for Cooke’s honeyed vocals. The switches between

80s-ballad verses and soulful choruses blend easily, creating a singular haze to fall into.

It's the title track from a forthcoming EP, and explores the ending of a relationship, the loss of religion, and the emotional parallels between them. As with previous BE GOOD tracks the

themes are expressed as a snapshot of suburban life at night-time, through the

self-serious lens of young-adulthood. 


Cooke explains:

“It's about that moment in a relationship after the initial excitement when you realise that the other person is a fallible, imperfect human just like

you are. It can be terrifying, but it’s also really reassuring. It reminded

me of when I stopped believing in god when I was 13 years old. I was at

a very Christian school and I was frightened of what it meant, but ultimately it was very liberating. I think we should be less scared to

let go of the things we idolise“

The track is accompanied on release by a 70s body-horror influenced video, directed by 

Theo Watkins. The eerie sheen throughout echoing the wobbly outer-limits of the

track’s sound.


30th May - Truck Store, Oxford in-store

31st May - London Headline, The Social

12th June - Brighton- The Green Door Store w/ Sunset Rollercoaster

13th June - Oxford Headline, The Bullingdon



BE GOOD - God of Nowhere

Be Good - God Of Nowhere


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