Texas duo is returning on September 22nd with the new LP Clear Language 

on Western Vinyl

It’s been 7 years since Balmorhea's last album, but the instrumental/post-classical Texas duo is returning on September 22nd with the new LP Clear Language on Western Vinyl.

As a follow up to the maximalist, genre-leaping Stranger in 2012, the new album represents a full circle of sorts for Rob Lowe and Michael Muller in terms of returning to a more personal way of collaborating together, and the dusty Texas backdrop no doubt leaves a stamp on their unique sound too. 


On Stranger, they worked with a roving cast of accomplished string and rhythm players that expanded the project like never before. This time around though, Rob and Michael looked to the roots of Balmorhea for inspiration from the earlier days of the project — that is, working simply and with restraint, eschewing complexity for complexity’s sake and allowing a reflective hue to settle over their use of analog synths, field recordings, various string instruments, etc.


The album is the sound of two friends bringing out creativity from within each other again without distraction, transmitting unfettered meaning in a milieu choked by double-speak at every turn.

They have some good collaborators lined up on the rework front for later this year too, including William BasinskiJefre Cantu-Ledesma, (Raum) and many others.



Balmorhea - "Sky Could Undress"

Balmorhea – Clear Language

(Western Vinyl)


1. Clear Language​

2. Sky Could Undress

3. Dreamt

4. Slow Stone

5. Ecco

6. Behind The World

7. Waiting Itself

8. 55

9. All Flowers

10. First Light

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