With her new EP 'iii' set for release March 27th, Margate-based artist BABii is sharing a new single & video from the record "SNAKE". 

BABii wrote and produced all the music for "SNAKE" as well as creating the concept, directing, producing, editing, styling and building the set for the video. Speaking about the meaning behind the song, BABii said "'SNAKE' is a vicious ode to a manipulative spiteful person who has caused me, and a lot of people who are close to me, so much emotional pain that it managed to manifest its self into this song. Making this song helped me heal and purge the poison, so I could move on with my life and fill it with positive things instead."

On the video, she added 

"The concept for the video captures the essence of part of my childhood.

I was a grubby, feral child who spent a lot of time gazing out of a lorry window at the side of the motorway.

For a longtime that transient world felt like my home in a lot of ways, so metaphorically it felt right to compliment the theme of the EP.”

BABii’s debut album HiiDE only came out in July last year, but she has not stopped creating. In September she released XYZ, a collaborative album with fellow GLOO members Iglooghost and Kai Whiston.

Following UK/EU tours with Chk Chk Chk (!!!) and WHY? she joined up with GLOO again for a sold out London edition of their interactive clubnight Grid. BABii built the machines in which attendees inserted tokens that had been hidden around the club to change the music and visuals onstage.

Speaking about the new EP, BABii said:

"'iii' is three songs about the proximity of 3 different people in my life.

One who I don’t want in my proximity, another who wants me out of

there’s and one who I want in mine."

iii will be available on CD & DSPs. There will be 3 limited editon CD versions, with 50 of each, complete with artwork specific to each track.



9th May - The Great Eastern Festival, Edinburgh
20th June - Near Future Festival, Liverpool




Babii – iii

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