Astronaut released the first single “Inside an Atom” from their forthcoming debut album “Silence One” (out April the 12th).

Astronaut released the single “Inside an Atom”, which is the first single from their forthcoming debut album “Silence One”. On this track and on the album they continue their partnership with Claudius Mittendorfer (Interpol, Franz Ferdinand, Muse, Arctic Monkeys among others).

The album is the peak of two years spent in studios around the world, and a let go of the vision of a debut album straight from the heart. Five young musicians, with a sound true to their style and their heritage, with the purpose of infiltration the music scene with dark and romantic tones, and draw the listener into a universe flooded by 70’s love pop. Out of a galactic mist hanging over

Denmark, ASTRONAUT has risen.


“We wanted the first single from the album to be a lovesong. A song for that special person, who can pull us out of our shit, when the closes in on itself. When we lock us into ours elves and almost throw the key away, someone takes our hand as we least expect it.

A song for the human being who makes us forget strange encounters we’ve experienced, strange accidents we’ve seen, and a song for the human being that believes in us, when we’re the oddest versions of ourselves.”

With “Inside an Atom” the debut album “Silence One” is on it’s way. On “Silence One

ASTRONAUT brings a bittersweet world of intensity, where light and dark matter suddenly

turns upside down, and beauty and sadness gets equally celebrated.


“The album circulates around the ambivalence in accepting and enjoying chaos, while wishing to get rid of it. The inner and outer noise.

The extreme extroversion, versus the silent insight”.

-Martin Zeppelin, lead singer


“Musically it’s a mixture of our collective catalogues. It’s the records we’ve listened to since we were kids, and new music that we’ve fell in love with. We really inspire each other to take different directions, then we would if

we were working alone.

I am personally really looking forward to people hearing it, the music that is born from spending a lot of time together,  in and outside the studio”.

-Rio, guitars


rhythmic explosion occurred when the five musicians; Martin, Rio, Anders, Toby and Jones

met up at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus. This is where ASTRONAUT was formed.

Martin, Rio and Anders have known each other, and played together, since the teenage years,

and them met Toby and Jones at the Academy.

ASTRONAUT originates from the Greek words àstron and nautes, which means star sailor. This

seemed like the perfect name for the newly formed band, which in spite of the Aarhusian

humility, has got a flamboyant and extravagant radiation, impossible to ignore.

With Martin Zeppelin in front, Jonas Ege behind the drums, Anders Rothmann on the bass,

Rio Bravo on guitars, and Toby Sachse as keyboard octopus, the sounds of ASTRONAUT will find

way into your ears. The five guys maintain a complete and true to the heritage 70’s flavour,

combined with a bit of mysticism and misty galaxies.



APR 17  Album release + Zar Paulo / Radar Aarhus Denmark

MAY 10  / Beta2300 Amagerbro Denmark



Astronaut - Inside An Atom

Astronaut – "Inside an Atom" / Single

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