ASTRONAUT releases the catchy and danceable single, “New York”

New York” is the band´s second single from their debut album, “Silence One” which will be released in mid April.

According to the band, the single is somewhat a trojan horse. The dystopic and ironic lyrics gives a bittersweet aftertaste to the uptempo beat and the catchy melodies, as the reminiscence of some very dark days spent in New York unfolds.

“We were in New York to record another track with our producer. It was the week of the inauguration. There was a tension in the capital of the world, which was very strange to witness.

A NYPD officer told me that he felt embarrassed by being american, with people shouting and rioting in the streets. It was a temper we had not encountered before, in a city that also includes so much partying and good times and good people. It affected and inspired us, and we just started writing the song one night.

It was the first song we recorded for the album.” - Martin Zeppelin, lead singer

“We were hanging out in East Village with our casio keyboards. I was just playing around when I came across the bassline for the song, and soon after the chords came along.

We heard a lot of “Reflektor” at that time, so Martin tapped the tempo of the title track and we had the basic ingredients. The division we experienced in NYC those days were basically the foundation of the song.

I guess it is more danceable than most of our other songs, and the lyrics

are, not negative, maybe more ironically dystopic.

When Martin finished the lyrics it reminded me of “Girls and Boys” by Blur, as it also has this happy, extrovert shape, while the criticism towards society sneaks up on you. A trojan horse, if you will.” Tobias Sachse, keys.

Silence One” will be the zenith of two years spent in numerous studios around the world, and a realization of a debut album straight from the heart. Five young musicians, with a sound true to their style and heritage, with the purpose of infiltrating the music scene with dark and romantic tones. Out of an galactic mist hanging over Denmark, ASTRONAUT has risen.

With Martin Zeppelin in front, Jonas Ege behind the drums, Anders Rothmann on the bass,

Rio Bravo on guitars, and Toby Sachse as keyboard octopus, the sound of ASTRONAUT will find a way into your ears. A rhytmic explosion occured when the five musicians met at the Royal

Academy of Music in Aarhus. Martin, Rio and Anders had known each other, and played together, since the teenage years, when they met Toby and Jones at the Academy.

ASTRONAUT originates from the greek words àstron and nautes, which means starsailor. This seemed like the perfect name for the newly formed band, which in spite of their

Aarhusian humility, has got a flamboyant and extravagant radiation, impossible to ignore.



APR 17  Album release + Zar Paulo / Radar Aarhus Denmark

MAY 10  / Beta2300 Amagerbro Denmark



Astronaut – New York  

Astronaut – New York

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