This is not a story tale, it is not the typical story with a happy ending. It's an endless experience, it's something that gets you adrenaline, it hits your heart, makes you sweat and have the urge to scream without stopping until you run out of air. This is going to make you mole and you will be scared by how close you are to it. This is not a movie, and you are not just an observer. It's madness that you either get saved or get stuck. And if you get stuck, you'd better like it, because it's going to change your personality until the end of your life. If you're already scared, get ready, because we're going to talk about love, the same thing that so many people are afraid of and the one that persecutes you for a lifetime.
Do you dare?

¨7 Ways to Love¨ is a urban art project showing the different faces of love in an interactive way. 

During 2017-2018, we invite 7 different artists to show their point of view of what love is.

2 new murals will appear during each event at the walls of Metric Market, Barcelona.

Letting the audience to interact with the Artists and to be part of a unique piece of Art.

Art is divine, art is food for the emotions.




Boris Hoppek



Sex can lead to love


The “I just want to have fun” moment, when nobody really thinks about love,

only in the pleasure of having somebody to play with, 

the moment that human body transforms into an object with no spiritual values. 


It’s the “no obligations”, “no 

responsibilities”, “no time for serious stuff“ moment which is perfect for fast living,

consummator society, based on the belief and praying to images that look perfect.


What if our bodies could lead us to something more than just hormones that are fighting for reproduction

or multiply your genes around the world, so you don’t disappear 

completely from planet Earth?


What if there is something bigger, some supreme connection, bigger than the material and the primitive instincts?

Maybe there is something that connects the spirits, and sex is just one of the doors to reach it?


We guess that it’s very possible that you can get embarrassed tonight,

and decide if you want to put the bag on your head or not…

Sharp mind, crazy as fuck, immersively creative and all this completely undercover in the body of someone that can't stay still, can't understand the word "ordinary" and will bring you as much as possible headache if he knows that this is the way for you to understand that the art world is not so small as your small brain thinks it is. No tabu is existing for him and all kind of sexuality is more than welcome for the youngest heart from the street art and contemporary art scene. His name is Boris Hoppek and after his art invasion on the 12 of December in the space of Metric Market, there will be no normal person left behind. When you come, don't worry about the napkins if you get wet, we can give you because sex was never so sweaty in 7ways2love as this time!

Place: Metric Market

Date: 17.12.18

Time: 19:00h-23:00h


Boris Hoppek


Video: Daniel Del Rio



Mario Mankey



Neither money, 

nor magnets,

nor religion, 

have so much strength to put together

or separate as love.


Love does not ask, do not 

look for other realities

and doesn’t know the word ¨impossible¨.


A process that many times unites, but that

is also capable of destroy.


Attracted by its unique strength

brings us to chemical extremes

that not even the physics

can overcome.

Mario Mankey - a Spanish artist with a universal vision, cosmic, unattainable. His story begins at the beginning and ends at the height of human evolution, bringing them together to create contradictions that break the limits of thought. Originally from Valencia, he travels to present his diverse works in almost the entire world. His creations are part of everything we usually call "urban art", but the scale of its impact is hidden beyond. It hides in the seeds of the cities where it really gets its development, called "human heart". Metric Market is pleased to welcome him to the sixth chapter of the interactive urban art project #7ways2love where he will present his point of view of what love is.


Mario Mankey




WAONE /Interesni Kazki/



¨Unequal Equality¨

Love has many bodies and many bodies had shaped love.

No gender, neither color, love is equal to inequality. 

Like objects serving to her power, we tend to feel her kiss

in such a different way every time  she gets closer. 

Love is a story. It consists of a story, within another story, within another story and thus endless. For the fifth chapter of the interactive urban art project #7ways2love, we have invited the Ukrainian genius of the world of muralism - Waone  /Interesni Kazki/ to present his point of view of what love is. He comes from Kiev, but his incredible art is recognized all over the world. Waone is a magician. He transmits his magic through different universes that have the ability to mix together and his stories have the power to get you out of reality and bring you into another. His work is not only a piece of art, it is a teleport, it is a vehicle of the fantasy with the speed of light that shows that there is no absolute truth, there are points of view and this time we are going to see what love is through the eyes of genius.



Video: Daniel del Rio

Music: Matteo Mazzocchi



Mr. Thoms


Mr.THOMS and creativity are like a 5 years old kid passionate about something. It never stops, it's always exciting and you never get bored of seeing it, because of all the high emotional level. His skill to take sometimes serious objects and transform them into a funny story leaves a special trail from him in every mural he paints. He is a storyteller with the ability to use any kind of technique to present his vision and he never stopped doing it since 1996. On the 14th of February (Wednesday), from Rome to Barcelona, he is coming to recreate the 4th chapter of the interactive urban art project 7WAYS2LOVE and to show his perspective of what love is in the space of Metric Market. 
Start 19:00h


Mr. Thoms








In 1996 appears a new brilliant mind in the horizon. His name is Sepe and since he began his artistic career does not stop doing social experiments through his paintings. The paradox of ourselves, the great mystery about society and humans, in general, is something that we can see as the main theme of his work, whether in canvases or great murals. He is one of the most recognized names in the graffiti scene and later muralism in Poland. He has worked in many countries like Germany, France, Russia, Indonesia, Turkey, United States, England and many more. He has worked with big names like Chazme, Lump and Etam Cru.

We invite you to the third chapter of the project #7ways2love, to introduce in an interactive way, what is this love from the point of view of the artist.

Space: Metric Market









We are glad to disclose you the participation of one of the most subversive and talented Australian artist, Anthony Lister.

Lister's provocative, chaotic and thrilling artworks, mixing inside collections and outside urban performances have set him up as a true pioneer in the street art scene on his continent and as a world renown artist. Among many other, his career led him to exhibit in New York City, Berlin, London, Miami, Los Angeles, Milan, and others. He`ll cross the world and land in Barcelona to dress Metric Market in his new love interactive costume. Don't miss this great chance to meet him and to find out how does he see love.


Video: Daniel del Rio


Music: Nina Hoven



Metric Market



An unconvetional place. Restaurant in Barcelona where art, music and gastronomy live together.


Diagonal 505, 08029

Barcelona Spain


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